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 CME Programme -  "Management of Atopic Dermatitcs" 19th August, 2017, 2017

 CME Programme -  "Careers in Medical Genetics" 24th June, 2017

 CME Programme -  "Voluntary Blood Donation and Current Transfusion Strategies in Clinical Practice " 13th June, 2017

 CME Programme -  "Targeting Age-related Inflammation, Metabolic Disorders and Muscle Loss using Natural Products" 06th June, 2017

 CME Programme - " Polio, Measles & Rubella" 10th April, 2017

 CME Programme -  "Recent Advances in the Management of Acne " 23rd February, 2017

 CME Programme -  "Diagnostic Dilemmas in Leprosy " 30th January, 2017

 CME Programme -  Art of  " ART  " 22nd December, 2016

 CME Programme - " CERVICAL CANCER  "16th December, 2016

 CME Programme - " UPDATE ON PAP SMEAR "19th July, 2016

 CME Programme - "Role of Traditional foods in the Prevention of Non-Communicable Diseases"20th September, 2016

 CME Programme - "Ophthalmic Panorama 17th September, 2016

 CME programme - Electrolyte Imbalance 15th September, 2016

 CME Programme – “"Primary Total HIP Arthroplasty in Indian Scenario"15th March, 2016

 CME Programme – “Peadiatric ENT Airway Emergencies”15th March, 2016

 CME on “Recent Advances in Forensic Medicine”- 17th October, 2015

 CME on “Vesiculobullous Disorders”- 9th October, 2015

 CME on “Recent trends in Malaria” - 16th September, 2015

 CME – ENT Department- 9th June, 2015

 CME on “Recent trends in Infertility Management” - 1st April, 2015



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