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III MBBS - Part – I   12 months  2 Terms
Community Medicine            6 Months each (III, IV,V,VI & VII)
Ophthalmology                      6 Months each (III, IV,V,VI & VII)
Oto-Rhino-Larngology          6 Months each (III, IV,V,VI & VII)

The student should able to understand:

  1. The epidemiology of various infectious and non-infectious diseases and to understand and manage health problems at the social and Community levels.
  2. Identify common problems related to eye and vision and take effective care for prevention of common eye diseases.
  3. Patho-physiology of common Ear, Nose and Throat Diseases, investigate and treat them and to recognize preventable causes of deafness..

III  MBBS Part II –  12 Months –  2 Terms
Medicine                                6 Months each (III to IX)
Pediatrics                              6 Months each (III to IX)
Surgery                                   6 Months each (III to IX)
Orthopedics                           6 Months each (III to IX)
Obstetrics & Gynecology     2 terms of 6 months each in III MBBS Part II

The student should be able to understand:


  • Normal growth and development of child with the manifestations of common pediatric problems and their management. Should understand the importance and prevention of Common. Childhood infectious diseases and understand, implement various National Programmes related to Child Health.
  • Common infectious and non-infectious diseases, their diagnostic and investigative procedures and effective management of these illnesses including allied specialties like Dermatology, Psychiatry, Tuberculosis and Chest Diseases.
  • The manifestations diagnostic modalities and therapeutic principles of common surgical problems, to manage common orthopedic problems and understand anaesthetic principles of management.  The Principles of radio-diagnosis and radiotherapy.
  • The anatomy, physiology and pathophysiology of female genital tract, recognize normal and abnormal labour and manage normal labour, Concepts of Family Planning, Contraception, recognize abnormalities of the genital tract, investigate and treat common problems.

ONE YEAR COMPULSORY ROTATING RESIDENT INTERNSHIP where the student is trained and prepared to get acquainted with procedures in management of patients at the hospital and community levels. After successful completion, the Degree and License to practice are awarded by the concerned authorities.




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